Full mapping and scaled traceability

Blockchain and information widgets.

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JourneyAI Ingredient Tracking

The world's most powerful data sources.

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We believe in understanding the power of our ingredients

The Journey FoodsIO platform is built by a team of passionate data scientists and explorers.

Data for smarter ingredient decisions

This is why we created JourneyAI, an artificial intelligence-powered food flavor and fruit tracking machine, to help us create the best flavors and nutrient compounds for our customers.

Advanced tracking technology

This technology will allow us to increase the speed with which we develop products, reducing the time to get onto shelves, and increase our success rate with customers.

Dedicated partners

We are tracking a variety of metrics and trends to bolster our database, like social media mentions, current snacking trends, culinary professionals, key findings from on-the-ground exploration by our leaders, and search engine sites.