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Create ease within your supply chain.

Integrate our software seamlessly into your workflow

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to easily incorporate our software into your existing workflow. Streamline your processes and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Find the perfect ingredient

From nutrition to cost to sustainability, you’ll find the ingredient that meets your objectives. We make research easier, so you can actually do it.
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Develop with confidence

Get ingredient recommendations and supply chain alerts for product improvement. No more second guessing.
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Stay organized & connected

Keep track of products in one platform, designed for collaborative and traceable development. No more communication bottlenecks.
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Access to better data means better products.


Streamline operations and reduce waste with our innovative and eco-friendly software.


Increase your bottom line while making a positive impact on the environment.

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Our product has a significant positive impact on our customers' operations.

“At Ingredion, we are not running a metrics business over here so if I can get the analysis out of my hands, we are happy. We have been looking at our research processes and trying to understanding different sectors of our business. Journey Foods jumped into our sweeteners division and started reporting and giving us access to the portal immediately.”

Kurt G.


“We learned about Journey Foods and the CEO in May 2019. The most exciting part about Journey is that we can have a single portal with everything that we need as far as versioning, ingredient recommendations, cataloguing, and google integrations. All this together so we can quickly find out if there are any issues in our product stack. It’s phenomenal. "

Proper Dough

“We liked Journey Foods’ proposal and vision, ease of use and wide integration adoption, but we were most impressed by their mission on top of our existing supply chain.”

Private Label Team


“I love working with Riana and team. They’ve given a lot of deep thought and support to me and my challenges improving food with more functional ingredients. They also been very helpful in finding alternate suppliers for new product lines we are launching soon. It’s a time saving combination of thoughtfulness and intelligence - bravo to them.”

Hala Achkar


Better Products, Better Data

1.7 Billion Insights

Wealth of information used to improve products

2M Units Manufactured

Boosting product quantity and quality

40% Better Precision

More precise ingredient selection

78% Time Saving

Reduces time spent on R&D

Personalized product recommendations

Generated using complex data

Supply Chain Insights

Analyzed data for efficieny with up to 9,200 + suppliers

Unique Supplier Deal

Boosting revenue through innovative brokering

Versatile Needs

From serving marketing directors and supply chain leads to food scientists


Journey Foods is a one-stop-shop for data management during the product life cycle. We have seamless integrations with the tools and services you use in your work to provide actionable insights.
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