Food AI Summit in October 2023

The Spoon has been following AI's impact on food for years, tracking how technologies like computer vision, neural networks, and, most recently, generative AI are transforming the food business. After countless articles and interviews with some of the industry's most innovative builders and change-makers, we've come to the conclusion that the transformation's only just begun, which is why this October, we will bring the world's leading experts together doing work at this fascinating and fast-changing nexus point.

The Food AI Summit, which will take place in the Bay Area in California, will convene scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, and others who are building the future of food using AI together for a day of keynote talks, interactive sessions, product demonstrations, and networking. While we've already got some great speakers lined up, including Inevitable Tech's David Lee, Shiru’s Jasmin Hume, and NotCo's Matias Muchnick, and Journey Foods CEO Riana Lynn.

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