How global demand for fish and seafood is changing retail

The global demand for fish and seafood is skyrocketing, with projected doubling by 2050. As we face this increasing demand, how are we going to manage fish stocks sustainably?

In the UK alone, we consume £5.7 billion worth of fish and seafood annually, sourced from over 85 countries. Shockingly, nearly one-third of monitored global fish stocks are overfished, and more than 60% are fished to the maximum sustainable yield, according to the WWF.  


With the global consumption of fish estimated to reach 180 million tonnes by 2030, we must find solutions to preserve our ocean's finite resources. Discover how innovation is shaping the future of aquaculture in our latest blog and learn about the groundbreaking technologies and practices that are revolutionizing fish farming and enabling us to produce seafood sustainably.  


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