Overcoming the Co-Manufactuering Dilemma: The Growing Demand for Plant-Based Alternatives

June 7, 2024

Hey CPG innovators, the plant-based alternative market is booming, but the lack of available co-manufacturing facilities poses a significant challenge for scaling operations. Today, we'll delve into the pressing issue of limited manufacturing capacity and explore how Journey Foods can connect you with venture capital to support your growth while overcoming the co-manufacturing squeeze.

The Venture Capital Surge:

Venture capital investments in the plant-based industry have soared, reflecting the immense growth potential of the market. In recent years, billions of dollars have been injected into plant-based companies, highlighting the investor enthusiasm for sustainable and innovative food solutions. However, the rapid influx of capital has outpaced the development of co-manufacturing infrastructure.

Navigating the Co-Manufacturing Gap:

Finding suitable co-manufacturers who can meet the increasing demand for plant-based alternatives can be a daunting task. The scarcity of available facilities, specialized equipment, and expertise poses obstacles for CPG innovators striving to scale their operations. Journey Foods understands this challenge and offers a unique solution.

Unlocking Growth Opportunities:

As your partner, Journey Foods connects you with venture capitalists and investors who are passionate about supporting plant-based ventures. We recognize that growth requires capital, and we have established relationships with funding sources that can fuel your expansion. With our assistance, you gain access to the financial resources needed to meet the demands of the growing market.

Strategic Partnerships and Resources:

Beyond capital, Journey Foods offers strategic partnerships and a wealth of resources to support your growth journey. We can help you navigate the co-manufacturing squeeze by leveraging our extensive network of manufacturing partners who specialize in plant-based alternatives. Our expertise and industry connections empower you to find the right co-manufacturer to meet your specific needs.


The plant-based alternative market is thriving, but the limited availability of co-manufacturing facilities presents a formidable challenge for CPG innovators. Journey Foods is committed to helping you overcome this obstacle by connecting you with venture capital, strategic partnerships, and resources to fuel your growth. Together, we can bridge the co-manufacturing gap and meet the increasing demand for sustainable and innovative plant-based alternatives.

Contact Journey Foods at sales@journeyfoods.com to discuss how we can support your growth by connecting you with venture capital and helping you navigate the co-manufacturing squeeze. Let's seize the opportunities of the plant-based industry and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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