The Pie: Spring Rolls

June 7, 2024

Spring Rolls

Is it just us, or do increased daily temperatures and sunlight improve your mood and aid in creativity? Of course not; it's science, inspiring fantastic upcoming content at Journey Foods. And we aren't in a particular rush to say goodbye to spring. However, one of the season's highlights is outdoor markets and food festivals, and we are looking forward to them. It does not matter what coast you are on; there are plenty of food adventures to have this year. From the announcement of the 2nd Annual Family Reunion to the NYC Vegetarian Festival (this weekend) to JapanFes, many beautiful activities are shaping up for the 2022 season. 

As we continue our spotlight on AAPI heritage month, Vietnamese cuisine is the latest to see scale-up efforts to capitalize on diners' preference for fast food options. The famous Korean jerky brand UNLIMEAT launched in US markets last week, a win for those seeking plant-based alternatives without sacrificing taste. Eric Kim's cookbook Korean American: Food That Tastes Like Home features vibrant stylized photos highlighting the beauty of Korean dishes.

See the culture section of Saturday Pie for more AAPI articles and a must-see series on AAPI food culture. 

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tldr; very science-y reads below.

Ergothioneine, an antioxidant produced by fungi, blue-green algae, and some bacteria and yeast, is thought to link regenerative agriculture and better nutrient outcomes

A new EPA study shows that pre-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) that do not break down naturally may have contributed to 20M acres of crop pollution.

Higher temperatures due to climate change are expected to cause an increase in Aflatoxin in corn grown in the Midwestern United States.

Researchers from Germany and Sweden believe a microbial protein could be a source for saving forests.

NASA scientists are making strides in growing plants in lunar conditions impacting the potential of future occupancy on the moon. While scientists and researchers in Antarctica are studying the potential benefits of space plants by growing them in harsh conditions on Earth.

Supply Chain

Supply creativity

Inflated food prices are increasing costs for US manufacturers and food producers and impacting food pantries

report from the subcommittee on the Coronavirus crisis was published last week criticizing the meat industry's response to Covid-19, possibly by inflating supply chain woes. 

COVID-19 slowed tourism in Sri Lanka down, now the country is facing food and fuel shortages. 

Indonesia lifted the ban on exporting palm oil in efforts to protect the staple ingredient for Indonesians. 

Heinz wants to use the metaverse to help drive its supply chain efforts. They are also testing a bottle produced by wood pulp to help meet sustainable packaging standards. 

UK plant-based curry meal food delivery business DabbaDrop believes there are better materials than clingfilm to cover food.

Shortages in the rice paper supply prevent restaurants from wholesale prices, causing increases in food costs for Asian restaurants. 

Ben and Jerry’s launched Project Mootopia aimed at critically reducing emissions from cows through better feeding practices and other production improvements to reduce climate change impact.

Right on Time: California is expanding food assistance to include undocumented immigrants to combat food insecurity.


On the history, impact, and future of Asian culture

Please revisit the HBO Max series Take Out with Lisa Ling for AAPI heritage month if you have not already seen the program. Lisa Ling does a fantastic job amplifying the voices and experiences of AAPI people and their food cultures. View the trailer here and then head to the streaming service to watch Season 1.

Vietnamese cafes in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas provide food and drink with a bonus, beautiful garden layouts with massive koi ponds. 

No one wins when the family foods: NYC food vendors have long complained of unfair treatment by the police.

Chinese Chef Lupe Liang bridges the gap between Chinatown and Spanish speaking customers. 

Craft Sake made from heirloom rice varieties is experiencing a renewed interest in the age old beverage

Read about Joyce Chen and her incomparable legacy and role in bringing Chinese food to American cooking.

That's all until next week. Have fun and stay safe.

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Tracking FDA Updates with JourneyAI

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