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June 7, 2024

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Despite world news and current events, we try to find the silver lining for Saturday Pies. It's easy to get consumed with misinformation and left in a sad state. But with May comes the promise of warmer weather, the opportunity to protect our mental health and create environments that will nurture us. 

The latest U.S. Census estimates that 43.5 million women have children and over 1.5 billion globally. If we take grandmothers, trans-moms, plant moms, sister moms and many other mom roles into consideration, those numbers are significantly higher.  

Women often take the role of the family's feeder. Therefore, food and nutrition are increasingly important topics of concern. In case you forgot, Mother's Day is observed on Sunday here, so celebrating the one in your life that cared for you is a must this weekend. Whether a fried chicken bouquetcereal for orange juice, or a lovely brunch, the mother in your life will appreciate it. May is also Maternal Mental Health Awareness month; even mothers constantly find ways to find joy in the world. 

With over 22.9 million people in the United States, May also marks the beginning of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. This month we pay homage to the contributions of AAPI people to food culture and technology.

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Baby Food Revolution

As the World Health Organization reports on exploitative formula milk marketing, BIOMILQ, a biotech startup, says that cell-cultured breast milk technology should reach the market in the next three to five years.

The DC Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program completed a transition to an electronic system set to streamline enrollment and nutrition support for participants. 

Hawaii passed legislation that will raise the state’s minimum wage to $18 by 2028.

Flavorchem’s IFIC 2021 Food and Health Survey revealed consumers want more beverages with a reduction in sugar for their dietary needs. 

Researchers from the University of Cambridge with the appliance manufacturer Beko trained a robot chef to accurately assess taste during the cooking process. 

A new study states children raised with a vegetarian diet have similar growth and nutrition outcomes as children who eat meat. The lone star tick, which initiates alpha-gal syndrome resulting in a red meat allergy, is moving through the United States.

Supply Chain 


Delivering Impact

Sushi appetites are growing at a 23.9% increase, however, the sustainable fish supply is in decline leaving room for alternative sources of seafood.

Restrictive covenants by supermarket chains determine usage of property often resulting in higher food insecurity. 

Food delivery services are a $150 billion industry however, the profitability of it in the future remains uncertain, while delivery workers seek to organize

Increased free meals at schools can save families with children $132 to $468 per year on their grocery bill. 

cellular agriculture forum was held in China to address future supply of alternative meat sources. 

Cynthia Rosenzweig, a NASA climatologist and agronomist who researches global food production won the World Food Prize.


New Lenses on Food

A great film in honor of mothers, people who mother, and AAPI heritage month is Turning Red on Disney+. The movie includes beautiful AAPI food imagery and familial themes. The Oakland Fortune Factory is redefining the image of the fortune cookie from snack to a treat for special occasions, changing existing stereotypes around the popular item. For more AAPI food resources click here

Remember when we joined the genesis community of Crypto Packaged Goods in the fall? It has grown to one of the most significant groups in food. They are launching a much larger collection next week. Be sure to follow: @cpgclub

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