The Pie: Peeps & Dollars

June 7, 2024

Out with Peeps... out with the Dollar?

Friends -

I have to tell my grandmother to not send my standard Easter basket this year. It's bout time I send her a list of the beet-colored candy I enjoy during craving rushes. She sends a box of peeps like clockwork - it's all joy.

Peeps Candy: Popular marshmallow treat Peeps Candy is customarily connected with Easter celebrations. Bright colors, playful shapes, and sugary sweetness are hallmarks of Peeps. Consumer Reports, an advocacy and research nonprofit, is calling on the maker of Peeps candies to stop using Red Dye 3 in its products. We've been calling on the "Great Catchup," otherwise known as American policies and companies to meet peers in banning carcinogens.

Red Dye 3 is a food coloring that is frequently used in a range of food items, including candy. It is a synthetic, petroleum-based dye that is used to give food a vivid red hue. Red Dye 3 has been linked to cancer in studies on animals, raising questions about its safety. As a result, many nations, including the European Union, have outlawed the use of Red Dye 3. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US continues to approve it for use, but some manufacturers have voluntarily stopped using it in their goods. California is considering taking its own early actions.

Shifting large ingredient quality and increasing bans without proper supply chain support can be riveting in this economy, unfortunately. Many companies have to battle the bottom line, availability, and polluting bodies which is why we think AI is the way. The food and agricultural industries are very important to the American economy and they need more support.

The USDA estimates that in 2019, the agriculture and food sectors contributed $1.109 trillion to the US GDP, or about 5.2% of the entire GDP. Additionally, the industry employed roughly 10% of the US labor force. Inflation and geo-political decisions press on close to 30 Million every day. We explore some of those implications below.

We are facing tough decisions right now, like rollbacks on food stamps. And even as we consider the impact of AI, BRICS dollar loyalty, and the manufacturing limitations we must also have very clear discussions on how we can create inclusive basic income for citizens and key stakeholders in our food economy: farmers and makers.

We wish you well.

Riana & the Journey Team

The Line

Lots of egg$ over the past few days. Here are the top ones hatching:

The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) have discussed the potential for establishing a single currency to lessen their reliance on the US dollar and to challenge America's economic hegemony. Although there is no established strategy, the notion of a BRICS ditch for a group currency has been discussed for some time.

All of the BRICS nations are substantial emerging economies with sizable populations and abundant natural resources. They are close to dropping the US dollar than ever and have more control over their own economic policies if they establish their own currency. Here are some indicators:

1. Trading Truffles and Mushrooms for Gold: 3 Congressmen Introduce ‘Gold Standard Bill’ to Stabilize U.S. Dollar’s Value.
2. Weaker-than-expected US factory activity: Risks to inflation in the US and the world are heavily biased to the downside
3. Supply Chain Downturn impacting regional economies: A report from the Institute for Supply Management said that growth in the U.S. services sector slowed last month by more than economists expected, as the pace of new orders cooled
4. Post Bretton Woods: New order in top currency
5. "You are gambling with peoples' lives": Interest of Inflation

On the lookout 👀

  • Food companies are pouring millions $$ into NCAA athletes for social media sponsorships. Be on the lookout for more collaborations s the new athlete-celebrity runs Instagram and TikTok
  • Mexico will continue to thrive
  • Japan supporting more than Ghibli inspiration: FAO welcomes $34.4 million contribution from Japan to boost food security and strengthen resilience in emergency contexts

See you around in April for more events and Climate 'tings.

Tracking FDA Updates with JourneyAI

Tracking FDA Updates with JourneyAI

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June 18, 2024
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Using AI in Food As Medicine

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